We firmly believe that there’s no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee in hand, and when you’re on the go, you’ll want a perfect container to hold this precious beverage. Whether you’re traveling to the local coffee shop around the corner, from city to city as you travel the globe, or transporting your favorite home-brewed coffee to the office, we’ve found the ideal to-go mug for you. These days, most coffee shops are guaranteed to fill up your own cup, and some will even knock down the price for you. Coffee, chai, hot chocolate, adventurous saffron tea? Whatever your poison, these cups are about to be a part of your new routine.

Frank Green Reusable Cup

This vacuum insulated, double-walled SmartCup keeps you warm on those cold early morning commutes and cools you down when you venture off the beaten track. You can toss this cup—literally—into your gym bag, purse, or adventure backpack and let go of that fear of coffee spillage that grips us all. We’re all about letting your true colors shine and so is Frank Green, which is why you can customize your cup in colors of your choice. Pantone just announced that UltraViolet is the color of 2018, so why not get a cup to match this season? Arianne Jones

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KeepCup Brew 8oz

Australia is known for its coffee culture. Designed with the premium specialty coffee consumer in mind, it’s no surprise that this company from down under reckons they’ve made the ‘first barista-standard reusable cup’ in the game. We fell in love with KeepCups’ classic glass and cork combo. This dainty 8oz cup is for those who like their drinks small in size and strong in flavor—it’s perfect for espresso, cappuccino, flat white, and cortado lovers. Fun fact: KeepCup’s Branded program allows you to customize their products with your company logo and colors. Arianne Jones

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MiiR 8 oz. Tumbler + MiiR 12 oz. Camp Cup

Not only are all of MiiR products double-walled, vacuum-insulated, and made of medical-grade stainless steel, they are also known for their thoughtful, elegant design. While the white 8 oz. tumbler may resemble a classic paper cup, don’t be fooled. It’s stylish in your hand, fits easily in your cup holder, and keeps your coffee hot. If you’re the kind of person who drinks (and reheats) their coffee for long periods throughout the day, this classic mug will be a big upgrade over an everyday ceramic one. We also love that MiiR sets aside a portion of revenue earmarked for their giving initiatives. Their donations range from local projects such as the Boise Bicycle Project to global water initiatives in Nepal, Uganda, India, and beyond. Arianne Jones

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Ello 18 oz. Campy Travel Mug

Doesn’t the look of this cup trigger childhood memories of camp cups in the woods? Unlike your grandpa’s camp cup, this one is leakproof and the vacuum-sealed lid ensures your drink doesn’t turn ice-cold with the first winter breeze that passes by. Ello is all about merging functionality and style. If this hip camp cup isn’t exactly you, the company also has a whole line of cups that weave textures such as ceramic and cork into their designs. Arianne Jones

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Espro 12 oz. Travel Press

Most French presses leave such huge amounts of grit and sludge in your coffee there might as well be full beans floating in your cup. That’s where this Canadian company is breaking new ground. Its patented filtering system boasts a significantly finer weave than typical filters. Additionally, it doubles up with two filters layered on top each other. They get beneath the grinds and filter twice, leaving all of the flavor you love and getting rid of the grit. Not only is Espro’s French press filter game-changing news, but they have also created this to-go travel version. Whether you are climbing mountains or commuting, you can toss this mug in your bag and enjoy a cup of coffee when you’re ready. Arianne Jones

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Stanley 25 oz. Thermos

Does Stanley even need an introduction? The brand has been around for generations (over 100 years to be exact) and their products always perform. This canteen keeps beverages hot for 24 hours and cold for 12 hours. Arianne Jones

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