Tunisian Braised Veal With Dried Greens (Tunisian Molokhia)

Egyptian Molokhia
Tunisian Braised Veal With Dried Greens (Tunisian Molokhia)Max Falkowitz

The leafy, grassy-tasting green molokhia (also known as jute or Jew's mallow) is a vegetable widely used in its fresh or frozen state across North Africa and the Middle East, however Tunisians use a dried and finely ground version of the leaves to make this rich, hearty green stew. The powder has a mucilaginous thickening quality similar to okra or filé powder, giving the finished dish a silky consistency. Consider it a nourishing, restorative aphrodisiac. Look for dried molokhia at Middle Eastern and North African grocery stores, or online.