An Unlikely Pair: Seafood

Laura Maniec of Corkbuzz on the rules to follow—and break—when pairing wine with seafood

Rules are meant to be broken, and that’s why Laura Maniec—master sommelier and co-founder of Corkbuzz Wine Studio—is here to help us explore unexpected pairings in the world of wine. From old standbys with unusual pairings to foods we never thought we’d see side by side with a wine glass, Laura’s here to broaden our horizons, offer us her wise counsel, and remind us that a perfect marriage might just be found in An Unlikely Pair.

In our first installment, Laura joins forces with close friend Brian Owens of New York's Crave Fish Bar to unpack the mysteries of pairing wine and seafood. Together they uncover some key points to consider, like how the texture of a scallop makes it a perfect pairing for a rosé, while a rich, braised octopus dish just might require a light-bodied red to keep it grounded. You could even give it a chill first. (Cue the gasps.) All this just goes to show that the old adage rings true: Rules are meant to be broken. And Laura's here to guide you through this brave new wine-pairing world.

Here's what we're drinking this time:
Clos Cibonne Tibouren '13, $27
Lioco Indica Carignan '12, $22

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