Egg Cuber
Egg Cuber on Amazon. Amazon

We’ve seen and used a lot of kitchen tools here at the SAVEUR test kitchen, from the awesome to the downright horrifying.

But some funky kitchen tools can make for great gifts—take, for example, the sushi bazooka, which helps raw-fish novices create the perfect roll every time, or the egg-cuber, which turns your breakfast bite into a geometric masterpiece—and help with handling single-ingredient bulk projects like potato-peeling. Whether you’re looking for a gag gift for the avocado fiend or simply indulging a butter obsession, here are 8 head-scratching tools that just might be a fit.

Egg Cuber

It takes considerably longer to hard boil an egg, stuff it into this container, and cool it into the shape of a cube. It’s certainly impractical but it sure will have your guests talking. Egg Cuber on Amazon Amazon

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Potato Press

The potato press is everything we want when we make mashed potatoes—a method to squash potatoes without all the elbow grease. A couple of squeezes makes quick work of a mountain of potatoes for easy potluck recipes. Potato Press from Ikea

Avocado Slicer

Avocados have a cult following. The creamy, versatile fruit has enjoyed a surge in popularity and add richness to almost any recipe. Make quick work of it using this multi tool designed for really one task—slicing and dicing avocados. Avocado Slicer from Amazon Amazon

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Butter Cutter

The Pez dispenser of the butter world. This butter cutter ensures you never have to get your hands oily for pancake recipes. Butter Cutter from Amazon Amazon

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Potato Peeler

How do you peel a bunch of potatoes without losing the starchy goodness inside? Look no further than this automatic potato peeler. A hands-off approach to peeling potatoes means you can pile on the potato recipes in no time at all. Potato Peeler from Amazon Amazon

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Clay Baker

An oven that’s rooted in many traditional roasting practices across the globe. This clay oven sends your bird to the sauna for more juicy meat and never-dry breasts. Clay Baker from Williams Sonoma Williams Sonoma

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Soda Tap

We’re not entirely sure why you would need to put your soda on tap, but now with the flick of the tap, you can serve your colas like you would serve your finest craft brew. Soda Tap from Amazon Amazon

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Sushi Bazooka

Sushi is hard. That’s why most of the time, we put those pretty cuts of fish in a bowl in this chirashi recipe. But if you’re set on making sushi at home and are having trouble getting your rolling technique just right, use this bazooka. Perfect sushi rolls every time. Sushi Bazooka from Amazon Amazon

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