The Hawkshead Relish Company of Cumbria county, UK, produces Westmorland chutney, a refined, dark fruit preserve made with prunes, apricots, dates, and spices such as ginger and allspice. Like many British pickles and relishes, chutney has its roots in the flavors of India and the Caribbean, and today it’s used as a condiment for dishes like hearty Ploughman’s lunches and cold meat pies. But this fruit-filled, spiced version, in addition to being the perfect accompaniment to traditional meat pies, is good on pretty much everything.

Use it as a condiment on hearty casseroles or quiche, as a dip for cold chicken or steak, or, as the company claims Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip enjoy it, smeared on cheddar cheese sandwiches. Add it to our growing shelf of condiments we can’t stop eating by the spoon.