15 Simple Starters

From vegetable spreads to spring rolls, our favorite warm-weather appetizers.

Crab Spring Rolls
Crab Spring Rolls
For making spring rolls, most Vietnamese-American home cooks use the spongy, wheat-based wrappers called TYJ Spring Roll Pastry, which are made by the Spring Home company. They're available frozen at most Asian food stores.André Baranowski
Salmon Tartare on Potato Crisps
This recipe for creamy and piquant salmon tartare comes from Jeremy Marshall, the owner of New York's Aquagrill restaurant. The ingredients include a combination of capers, red onion, and dijon mustard, which give the dish an assertive kick. Get the recipe »Andrea Baranowski
See the RecipeChristopher Hirsheimer
Ricotta and Olive Crostini
Ricotta Crostini with Black Olives, Lemon Zest, and Mint
The combination of lemon zest, flavorful olives, and refreshing mint gives this crostini a Mediterranean twist.André Baranowski
Mussels with White Wine, Parsley, and Garlic
This recipe for mussels steamed with wine is based on one from Resto, a Belgian restaurant in New York City.Andre Baranowski
Chinese Minced Chicken Wraps
This recipe was given to us by Bee Yin Low, who writes the blog Rasa Malaysia. See the recipe for Chinese Minced Chicken Wraps »James Oseland