4 Great Veggie Burgers

by0| PUBLISHED Jun 28, 2012 8:00 AM
4 Great Veggie Burgers
A far cry from the standard grilled-mushroom-cap-as-burger, these ultra-savory portobello patties get a further umami boost from garlic and steak sauce—a perfect match for a flavorful topping of melted blue cheese and tangy caramelized red onions. Helen Rosner

Whether we're at a restaurant or a weekend barbecue, it always breaks our hearts just a little to get a veggie burger that's little more than a dry, beige puck. There's absolutely no reason the vegetarian option can't be just as flavorful, savory, and robust as its carnivorous counterpart — if not even more of a gastronomic delight.

These four veggie burgers are worthy occupants of any bun — no faux-meat here, just fantastically delicious combinations of beans, vegetables, legumes, and grains. From an earthy, rich portobello patty (that's miles beyond a standard mushroom-cap-on-a-bun scenario) to a subtly spiced quinoa burger to a Southwestern-inspired black bean burger, these patties are truly perfect.