1. Confituras Cranberry Cinnamon Jam
Bright Valencia oranges and Mexican cinnamon warm the tart berries in this Texan jam. Finely chopped cranberries produce a smooth consistency that’s as appealing on dinner rolls as it is over turkey and stuffing.

2. Wilkin & Sons Ltd. Tiptree Organic Wild Cranberry Sauce
Wild cranberries are reduced to a familiar, thick consistency in this quintessential holiday sauce, which has been made in Tiptree, England, since 1885. You’ll want this one with the leftovers.

3. Anarchy in a Jar Tipsy Quince & Cranberry Chutney
Brooklyn jam maker Laena McCarthy plays soft, buttery texture off spiky acidity and alcoholic bite with her quince cranberry chutney, which unites two notoriously sour fruits with smoky-sweet whiskey-soaked raisins. The full-flavored result is great smeared on turkey sandwiches.

4. Saucy by Nature Cranberry Pear Sauce
Flecks of juicy pear and a dose of cardamom mellow slow-simmered cranberries in this micro-batch sauce, which is made mostly from local ingredients. Try it as a glaze for poultry or game birds, such as duck.

5. HeathGlen Cranberry Port Wine and Sage Chutney
This Minnesota-made chutney gets its savory edge from the addition of tawny port, sauteed onions, rosemary, and sage. It lends unexpected depth to turkey, and makes a fine component on a cheese plate.