Italian Prune Plums

By Rebekah Peppler

Published on October 2, 2009

During a visit to my grandma's country home in the Midwest, I remarked on her beautiful Italian prune plum tree, waxing poetic about the desserts I could make with the small, egg-shaped fruit that's shrouded in amethyst skin. Next thing I know, this nimble, more-fit-than-her-own-granddaughter, 70-something woman is shaking her sizable tree, while dozens of the dense plums fell to the ground with soft thuds everywhere.

Sometimes called Empress plums, these yellow-fleshed delicacies are suited for baking. They boast a low-water content and dense texture, allowing them to keep their shape during baking, and their flavor toes the fine line between sweet and sour after cooking, making them perfect for fall desserts and strudel.

All I can say is: Grandma keep shaking that tree. I'm coming back for seconds.

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