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• A simpler "hack-and-dice" approach to preparing artichoke hearts makes it easier to prepare fresh spring artichokes for a crowd. The technique is put to good use in this tangy pasta and artichoke salad featuring fresh herbs, toasted almonds, and feta. NYT

• Eating a baguette in Paris is as much of a must-do while visiting the city as gawking at the Eiffel Tower and (gently, politely) stalking David Lebovitz. But it turns out the world's leading expert on the long Parisian loaf isn't French at all — it's an expat American professor. WSJ

• Molly Wizenberg reminds us just how wonderful the simple mixture of Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda can be. Garnished with an orange slice, the Americano is the perfect aperitif for a warm night. Design Sponge

• Thin, elegant, and satisfyingly crunchy, these sesame wafer cookies are surprisingly easy to make. Poires Au Chocolat

• Ever been unsure of how to behave in a bar? Now New Yorkers can take a cocktail etiquette class. NY Post

• The Butcher's Guild, a trade organization for butchers, launched last month, featuring a mega-roster of celebutchers like Chris Cosentino and writer Marisa Guggiana. Diner's Journal

• If you simply must have a Big Mac (we relate; the urge hits about once a year), why not make it yourself at home? A Hamburger Today

• Use this organic egg scorecard to make sure you're eating the most humane eggs possible. [ via Lifehacker]

Photo: Stuffed artichoke by Joyosity/Flickr.

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