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• Wondering what to read this summer? Wondering what to cook? Check off both those lists with Sam Sifton's summer cookbook guide. Okay, it includes a shoutout for our own The New Comfort Food, but there are plenty more, including the beautiful River Cottage Every Day and Hank Shaw's Hunt, Gather, Cook. NYTimes

• Thanks to the masterminds behind the Oscar award-winning documentary The Cove, an importer of whale meat, illegal in the U.S., will be behind bars. LA Weekly

• True Lebanese tabbouleh is more about the greens than the bulghur. It's a great way to let parsley throw off its sidekick role and be the star of the show. David Lebovitz

• Who knew that the "the other white meat" was really lion? Farm-raised African lion is now available and legal (at least for now). You can even get it in a taco! TheDaily

• For a popping £75, why not enjoy one of the most hardcore morning meals of all time? A seven-course breakfast at UK restaurant Winteringham Fields features everything from porridge beignets with rhubarb and whisky compote to Iberico ham and quail's egg Benedict with brioche. You probably won't need to eat for the rest of the day. GuardianUK

• Donald Trump landed serious heat for eating pizza with a fork and knife at a pizza dinner with Sarah Palin. In response to the controversy surrounding his peculiar method, Trump released a video explaining what he was really trying to do as he prodded his poor slice of pizza to death. Gawker

• Summer heat may be unavoidable, but we plan to chill out and relax with these vodka-spiked adult popsicles, delightfully flavored with pureed strawberries and peach syrup. Endless Simmer

Photo: Half-eaten popsicle by pineapple9995/Flickr

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