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• Thanks to the ever-growing trend of locavore lodging, many new hotels and resorts in not-so-rural areas are jumping on this self-sustaining bandwagon. At the Ritz Carlton in New York, you can try honey ice cream flavored with honey from their rooftop beehives.NYTimes

• There's something beautiful about the slow, patient process of making sun tea. This chamomile version is a lovely variation. Nicole Franzen

• Comics about food are so hot right now! (You've seen our Recipe Comix series, right?) Take a mournful, magical look at oysters in "The Shucker's Tale," a fable about a young man who shucks oysters and listens to their sweet, crystalline, and briny song. Gilt Taste

• Rainbow cupcakes are awesome for two reasons: one, they are delicious and beautiful. Two, they're helping students fight homophobia at a Canadian high school. Eater National

• Bacon summer camp? Yep, it exists. Ari Zingerman, author of Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon, hosts a sizzling, cured pork extravaganza in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and you can sign up for this year's extravaganza now. Zingerman's Camp Bacon

• On the day outspoken vegetarian Morrisey performs at a music festival in Belgium, the venue's entire concessions program will be meat-free. UK Guardian

• Whether you like them in a Shirley Temple or a Manhattan, maraschino cherries are one of the most fun elements of any home bar. Why settle for neon-red store-bought versions when you can make your own? From Away

• Clicking through this slideshow of images from Bologna, Italy, is almost as good as actually hopping on a plane. That arugula ravioli! NYTimes

Photo: Garlic scapes by Pictures from Heather/Flickr

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