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• Momofuku chef David Chang has a kitchen lab of his very own, where he's attempting to grow a mold to ferment soybeans, figure out what to do with strawberry tops, and generally create deliciousness. Gizmodo

• Ever wonder why you down an ice cream cone when you're upset or load up on carbs when you're anxious? Anneli Rufus explains what may be behind these guilty pleasures and why they are so comforting. Gilt Taste

• Musician and comedian Reggie Watts shares an alternative form of tinctures that may have some consumers giggling to themselves (for hours). Eater

• We all have our vices. Even health advocate Michelle Obama comes clean about her favorite food, which is not exactly something she wants to admit. Washington Examiner

• For the most part, airport food is our very least favorite type of eating. Hear what these chefs have to say about avoiding the airport food court slump. NYTimes

• We don't know how they do it, but some seriously fine motor skills are needed in order to "cook" these teeny tiny meals. YouTube

• It can be hard to keep a handle on tipping customs when you're country-hopping. This informative infographic answers all your gratuity questions. Mint

• Seeping purple chive blossoms in light vinegar results in a beautiful magenta tint and florally bite that is the perfect ingredient for summer salad dressings. Food In Jars

• It's way too hot to roast marshmallows on the bonfire, so why not do the exact opposite? Cool down with this super simple marshmallow ice cream. 52 Kitchen Adventures

Photo: Portobello and Peach Burger by Green Kitchen Stories via Design Sponge

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