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We're thrilled to introduce a new section of the site, which we're calling SAVEUR Selects. After fielding many requests from readers over the years, we've decided to make it easier for you to locate some of the tools, equipment, and ingredients we're crazy about.

Back in 1999, in our second-ever SAVEUR 100, we endorsed the cazuela; you'll find one in Selects. In our current issue (May 2010), within Lillian Chou's "A Stir-Fry Education", we tout the importance of a Chinese cleaver; you'll find one in Selects.

In addition to items pulled from our pages, Selects also features favorites from the vendor websites we visit often—sites like Melissa's, Heritage Foods, and DiPalo's.

We hope you'll find Selects to be as resourceful as we do.

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