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Flip-Top Dish Rack

By Anna Stockwell

Published on October 4, 2012

Given the number of dishes I go through on any given day, the dish rack has become a very important tool in my washer-free kitchen. Paying almost $80 for something to dry your plates and pots on may seem a bit crazy at first, but when it's as clever and helpful as this simplehuman flip-top dish rack, it's well worth the price. The whole rack (even the utensil caddy!) is designed to keep water dripping into the tray below, which flows out through a spout directly into the sink, so that my counter never gets damp or mildewy. The adjustable top shelf provides a second tier of drying surface that can be flipped straight up to make room for larger pots and bowls, or folded back to create another shelf hanging off the side. And the rack can be set up any number of ways to accommodate your needs: The cup holders and utensil caddy can be placed anywhere around the sides, and the drain spout can be moved to position the rack either horizontally or vertically next to the sink.

simple human Flip-Top Dish Rack, $74.99 at Amazon

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