Right Pan for the Job: 5 Great Crêpe Pans

Our picks for flawless crêpes

By Farideh Sadeghin

Published on April 28, 2014

To achieve consistently thin, golden results for crêpes, like the fruit-filled crêpes from issue #165, pans that heat rapidly and evenly work best. Here are five favorites.

  1. Mauviel ($290) This 11.8" stainless-steel pan has a copper bottom that gains and distributes heat with maximum efficiency. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

  2. Tibos Electric ($150) This ample 13" nonstick electric griddle has ten separate heat settings for greater control. A specially designed tool fits into a groove on the rim to sweep batter evenly across the surface.

  3. Le Creuset (_$110)_The cast-iron core retains heat, the smooth 10¾" enamel cook surface prevents sticking, and the colored exterior makes this one pretty pan.

  4. De Buyer ($25) The angled handle of this 9½" blue steel pan makes it easy to maneuver crêpes. It has a ferrous coating on the bottom, so it can be used on an induction cooktop.

  5. All-Clad ($225) A stainless-steel interior diffuses heat, and two aluminum layers conduct and sustain it in this 12" nonstick skillet. The low rim makes flipping crêpes a cinch.

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