In the course of producing our October 2014 feature on Lebanon’s olive harvest, we discovered a few ingredients too good to keep to ourselves. Below, six great products to get your hands on if you’ll be making the Lebanese recipes from the story.


Olive Oils

Mild winters and temperate summers in Lebanon yield outstanding olive oils. See 4 favorites »

Pomegranate Molasses

Use tart, thick Al Wadi pomegranate molasses ($3 for 14 oz.;, a reduction of pomegranate juice and sugar, to make tabbouleh. Ingalls Photography

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Use tiny, creamy-fleshed fairy-tale eggplants (price varies by season; call Melissa’s at 800-588-0151) to make Lebanese lamb-stuffed eggplant.


Purchase Middle Eastern seven-spice powder ($7 for 3 oz.; look for “baharat”; to make spiced lamb patties with tomato and onion.

Rose Water

Use Al Wadi rose water ($25 for 20 oz.) and Cortas orange blossom water; ($7 for 10 oz.; to make Lebanese date shortbread.

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Sprinkle za’atar ($6 for 2 oz;, a mix of sumac, sesame seed, and wild thyme, to make flatbread with za’atar.