We didn’t have stemware in my house when I was growing up—my mother instituted a ban after I learned to crawl, scared that my curious grasps would shatter glasses in my wake. As such, my father, a great lover of wine, was forced to drink his favorite vintages from heavy bottomed whiskey tumblers, which hindered his ability to swish, swirl, and sniff. If only he’d discovered Italian designer Daniele “Danne” Semeraro’s Sempli line years ago: These hand-blown, lead-free crystal glasses playfully twirl on their bases, no stems needed. By building the swirling motion into the base of each “Cupa-Vino”—there’s also a “Cupa-Rock” and “Cupa-Shot” model—the design is not only aesthetically sleek, but also toddler-proof.

Sempli Cupa-Vino, $52 for two at Sempli