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One Good Find: Walnut Butcher Blocks

Designed for the modern cook, a handsome walnut butcher block with a tablet mount

By Angela Brown

Published on May 15, 2014

Last year I began the slow process of scanning my lifelong collection of family recipe cards and stained recipe clippings to have a digital archive. Organizationally, the change is great. The hundreds of loose recipes I once sorted through at random are now neatly arranged in cleverly titled folders and pinboards on my iPad, making them significantly easier to find. However, when it comes time to cook, no matter where I set my iPad it always seems to be directly in the center of my mise en place, and thus in my way. This beautifully crafted cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks is the perfect solution. Unlike some other aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools I’ve purchased, the elegant board is designed with function in mind: Its sleek and spacious walnut surface provides ample space for me to slice through piles of produce, and a well-crafted lip ensures that the board remains flush against my kitchen island. Plus—my favorite part—the butcher block contains a raised tablet mount for my iPad, making it an ideal kitchen tool for the modern home cook. Now my recipes hover right in front of me while I prep, out of the way but not out of mind.

iBlock, from $150 at

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