Friday Cocktails: The Velvet Gentleman

By Jake Daniel Cohen

Published on November 20, 2014

Every so often I get together with old friends from culinary school for dinner out. We use the opportunity to catch up, try a new spot, and maybe visit a former classmate who's landed in a New York restaurant kitchen. On our most recent excursion we wound up at Rotisserie Georgette, a French bistro on Manhattan's Upper East Side. We began passing around our cocktails—it's mandatory on these outings that everyone orders something different—and someone handed me The Velvet Gentleman, a mix of Cardenal Mendoza brandy, Cocchi Americano Rosa, Vida mezcal, and grapefruit bitters. Taking a sip, I quickly decided the drink had found its home: It was smoky and complex, with a tart freshness that made it the perfect pairing for the restaurant's roast chicken with garlic and herbs. Rich and smooth, with a surprising brightness that cut through even the heaviest dish, I happily drank it throughout our meal—and then ordered another to go with dessert.

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