These pans will inspire you to fill your kitchen with the comforting smell of baking bread and whip up real danish rye or the best damn Meyer lemon cake around.

A top pick among professionals. USA Pan

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This (8.5 x 4.5 inch) pan is made of aluminized non-stick steel, and showcases a unique corrugated surface that increases airflow for even baking and quick release of your goodies. The light color of the metal pan will also ensure that the exterior of your loaf does not over brown and burn as it would be more likely to in a dark-colored metal pan. This pan will turn out bakery-quality loaves, every time.

Watch your rising cake or bread turn golden brown while cooking. Pyrex

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Glass pans typically do not cook as quickly as their metal counterparts because metal is a conductor of heat, while glass is an insulator. Translation: glass will be slower to heat but once hot does a better job of retaining the heat. While this can result is a more even baking, it can also result in the bottom and edges of especially sugary loaves caramelizing too quickly and burning before the inside is cooked through. The upside of glass is that the transparent walls mean you can visually see how your loaf is browning without removing it from the pan. They are a go-to for classics like banana bread, zucchini bread, and babka.

Tiny shapes are almost too adorable to handle. Wilton

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Do you want to win brunch? Do you want to beam with pride to your colleagues when you open your lunchbox and out falls a teeny personal-sized banana loaf? A mini loaf will have your family and friends ooh-ing and ahh-ing at its adorable stature and how outrageously put together you seem.

Transport this classic from oven to tabletop and keep your meal piping hot. USA Pan

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What about the gorgeous stoneware loaf pans you see all the time? They also have their place. While they may not be the idea choice for a delicate loaf, you can bake steaming chewy bread in this silicone coated pan. Lasagna bread, meatloaf or macaroni au gratin would crisp up beautifully in this pan, but also allow you to transport it right from the oven to the dinner table.