For the ultimate martini, sometimes it’s all about the tools you use to make it. We rounded up our ten favorite tools, including a stainless steel strainer, a double-sided jigger, a pro-approved diamond-cut mixing glass, a mix-and-match set of bitters, and more. Measure, mix, swirl, and muddle with ease with these ten glasses and gizmos, and you’ll find that your martinis will be better than they’ve ever been before.


Covered Ice Cube Tray

Martinis take plenty of ice. This tray has a cover to prevent the ice from absorbing “off” flavors and odors from the freezer, for maximum martini purity.
$4, The Container Store

OXO Stainless-Steel Double-Sided Jigger

What’s ideal about this jigger is the slip-proof grip, as well as the measurements inside the jigger (1½ ounces on one side, plus ¾ and ⅓ ounces; 1 ounce on the flip side, plus ¼ and ½ ounce increments).
$9, Williams-Sonoma

Muddler Barspoon

Stir the drinks with one side of this well-designed tool and crush fresh herbs with the opposite end. The spiral design in the middle is intended to facilitate easier stirring.
$15, Umami Mart

Yarai Mixing Glass

No wonder pros prefer this mixing glass from Japan: it has a wide base for stability and a seamless interior for quieter stirring. It’s also gorgeous enough to leave out even when you’re not mixing drinks.
$40, Cocktail Kingdom

Gallone Mixing Glass

Mix up martinis for a group in this oversized Italian-style mixing glass, which holds enough for 5-6 thirsty guests – but still isn’t too heavy to pour out.
$63, Cocktail Kingdom

Orange Bitters Kit

A key ingredient for the Fifty-Fifty and other martini variations, try out this set of three orange bitters to find which you prefer. (May we suggest half Regan’s and half Fee Brother’s to start?)
$24, KegWorks

Usagi Cobbler Shaker

Yes, the traditional martini is stirred, not shaken. But to mix up fancier variations with juices, you’ll need to shake it up. The three-piece Japanese “cobbler” design makes it easy to shake and strain.
$69, Umami Mart

W&P Muddler

It may look like a miniature baseball bat, but it’s made for crushing herbs, fruit, and other ingredients at the bottom of a cocktail shaker with minimal effort.
$12, Mason Shaker