Your Essential Martini Garnishing Station

The small details that make a martini sublime

Lemon twist or olive? It’s a time-honored bar debate. There’s no wrong answer: ideally, a garnish adds pleasing aromatics and a touch of flavor to the otherwise austere martini glass. Beyond that, it’s a matter of taste. Whether you’re looking to try something new to grace your glass or planning a DIY martini party, here are 10 must-have garnishes—from pickled ramps and anchovy-stuffed olives to chipotle-brined carrots and blood-orange crisps.

Martini, Garnishes, Filthy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives
Filthy Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives
If you prefer dirty martinis, it doesn't get much dirtier than these green olives stuffed with sharp Wisconsin blue cheese and bathed in oil-free brine.
$9.50, KegWorks
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Gordal Olives stuffed with lemon peels
Gordal Olives Stuffed With Lemon Peel
Can't decide between a lemon twist and an olive? Now you don't have to. Other variations from this Spanish producer also include olives packed with jalapeños, garlic cloves, or whole almonds.
$20, La Tienda
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Anchovy Stuffed Manzanilla Olives
Manzanilla Olives Stuffed With Anchovies
These Spanish umami bombs add a bracing savory touch to crisp martinis or Dirty-style libations.
$5, Donostia Foods
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Sable and Rosenfield Tipsy Onions
Sable & Rosenfield Tipsy Onions
These tiny white pearl onions are preserved in dry vermouth, ready to drop into a Gibson or martini—or directly into your mouth.
$4.35, Gourmet at Home
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Blackberry Farm Pickled Ramps
Blackberry Farm Pickled Ramps
For an extra-pungent Gibson or martini, try these pickled ramps sustainably foraged by Tennessee favorite Blackberry Farm. Where most ramps are torn out by the roots, Blackberry leaves the bulbs intact, so they can grow back again the following year. Limited supply.
$16, Blackberry Farm
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Simple Crisp Dried Blood Oranges
Simple & Crisp Dried Blood Orange Crisps
Nothing quite takes the place of fresh fruit, but these dried rounds of fruit add a vibrant punch of color when floated on top of a drink.
$5, Simple & Crisp
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Tunisian Lemons
Preserved Tunisian Lemons
They arrive whole in the jar, preserved with salt and mild red pepper. Cut off a slice for your cocktail glass, then use the rest for cooking with whole fish while you sip your well-garnished drink.
$12, Zingerman's
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Ricks Picks Mean Beans
Rick’s Picks Mean Beans
These spicy picked green beans are made with cayenne and dill. The beans are ideal for a crunchy garnish, while the brine can dose extra dirty/spicy martinis.
$9, Rick's Picks
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Brooklyn Brine Chipotle Carrots
Brooklyn Brine Chipotle Carrots
Spicy, crunchy, and vibrantly-hued, these carrots are just right for adding a little punch to an otherwise neutral pour.
$8.95, KegWorks
Matt Taylor-Gross
Martini, Garnishes, Stainless steel picks
Stainless Steel Martini Picks
To hold it all together in style, you'll want a shiny silver spear to elevate your cocktail beyond the wooden toothpick.
$11, The Boston Shaker
Matt Taylor-Gross