In our quest to fry the perfect donut, the SAVEUR test kitchen discovered some tools and tips for making the process easier. Here are our six favorite tools for making all kinds of donuts.

Maverick Digital Oil & Candy Thermometer

There is little margin for error when frying donuts; this precise model beeps at the desired temperature. A splashguard keeps the LCD screen clean. Maverick CT-03 Digital Oil & Candy Thermometer, $18.59 at Amazon

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Nonstick Donut Pan

Nonstick Donut Pans

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Rochow Donut Cutter

The most iconic donut shape, the ring, isn’t easy to achieve. When lightly tapped on a work surface, this electroplate-finished steel cutter releases perfect hoops and holes every time. Rochow Swirl Mixer Steel Ring 3′ Donut Cutter, $53.73 at

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Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks

To avoid puncturing the donuts, we use long chopsticks to flip them when frying. These 13-inch bamboo sticks stay cool and are attached with string for easy use. Saibashi Cooking Chopsticks, $1.25 at

Jacob Bromwell Sifter

This hand-cranked sifter, with its strong stainless steel body and generous five-cup capacity, makes quick work of sifting flour and aerating confectioners’ sugar for glazes. Jacob Bromwell Original All-American 5-Cup, 4-Wire Crank Sifter, $25.40 at Amazon

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Chicago Metallic Wire Cooling Rack

A paper towel-lined baking sheet is fine for cooling just-fried foods, but this elevated, nonstick wire rack really speeds up the process. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Extra Large Cooling Rack, $10.49 at Amazon

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