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Exotic Sea Salts

1. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
This coarse, salmon-colored salt has a subtle flavor that makes it an ideal garnishing salt. Available at SaltWorks .
2. Salish Alder Smoked Salt
Cool-smoked over red alder wood, this salt adds a touch of barbecue flavor to meat, chicken, or salmon. Available at SaltWorks.
3. Murray River Pink Flake Salt
Harvested from the Murray-Darling basin in Australia, this salt has a delicate flavor and melts quickly on the tongue. Available at SaltWorks .
4. Cyprus Black Lava
This chunky, textured salt gets its color from activated charcoal and creates a dramatic effect when sprinkled on flaky white fish. Available at SaltWorks .
5. Black Truffle Sea Salt
With an intense flavor of black truffle, this premium salt is delicious when sprinkled on eggs, meat, and even popcorn. Available at SaltWorks .
6. Chili Verde Sea Salt
Finely ground, with a pleasantly spicy, green chile flavor, this salt adds depth to Mexican dishes and rich chocolate desserts. Available at SaltWorks .
7. Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt
This hand-harvested salt, widely considered one of the best, is gathered from the Atlantic salt marshes in France and is preferred by chefs. Available at Williams-Sonoma.
8. Fume de Sel
Cold-smoked over chardonnay barrels, which impart a mild, smoky flavor with hints of wine, this salt is a great choice for salads or steamed vegetables. Available at SaltWorks .
10. Maldon English Sea Salt
A light and flaky salt from Essex, England, Maldon makes a tasty topping on everything from french fries to foie gras. Available at Williams-Sonoma.
11. Vintage Merlot Sea Salt
This lovely, purple-colored salt has hints of merlot and is delightful when paired with anything chocolate. Available at SaltWorks .
12. Sugpo Asin
A faintly pink salt from the Philippines, the sugpo gets its briny flavor from sugpo shrimp and is a perfect accompaniment to seafood dishes. Available at xroads Philippine Sea Salts.
13. Thai Ginger Sea Salt
Coarse and golden colored, this salt adds zing to grilled vegetables, stir-fries, and other Asian dishes. Available at SaltWorks .

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