Latin American Sandwiches

South and Central America boast some of the world’s most bountiful sandwiches.

Fried Plantain Sandwich (Patacón Maracucho)

Who needs bread to make a sandwich? Venezuela's patacon maracucho uses fried plantains instead. Get the recipe for Fried Plantain Sandwich (Patacón Maracucho) »

Panes con Pavo (Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich)

Poultry features in the Panes con Pavo, from El Salvador, with its beer-braised turkey filling. Get the recipe for Panes con Pavo (Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich) »

Sanduiche de Chola

Vegetables nearly upstage the meat in the Bolivian Sanduiche de Chola, in which roast pork is seasoned with yellow salsa and vegetables en escabeche. Get the recipe for Sanduiche de Chola »

Torta Ahogada

This popular Mexican sandwich from the state of Jalisco is filled with crisp roast pork, then "drowned" in a spicy chile de árbol sauce. Get the recipe for Torta Ahogada »

Bauru (Brazilian Roast Beef Sandwich)

Brazil's Bauru is made by smothering roast beef with melted mozzarella and tomato. Get the recipe For Bauru »

Lomito Completo

In the Lomito Completo, popular in Uruguay and Argentina, sirloin steak is lavished with sauerkraut, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and a runny fried egg. Get the recipe for Lomito Completo »

Cemita Poblana

Mexico's overstuffed cemita poblana brims with queso blanco, chipotle, pepper, avocado, papalo and crisp milanesa (a fried cutlet). Get the recipe for Cemita Poblana »

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