BBQ rub
BBQ rub. Todd Coleman

Whether you prefer your ribs dry or wet, slathered with BBQ sauce, these 8 recipes from SAVEUR magazine for ribs, rubs, and sauces will have you firing up the barbecue grill.


Barbecue Rub

Spice rubs like this one are essential to Texas-style barbecued beef brisket. See this Recipe

Paul Kirk’s Dry Rub

Even though it’s called a rub, this spice mixture is meant to be used more gingerly-just sprinkle onto the meat for instant flavor.

Barbecue Spice

Hickory House used Cain’s barbecue spice blend, no longer made, as its dry rub. This recipe is author Bayless’s interpretation of that now unobtainable product.

Hickory House Barbeque Sauce

This sweet, ketchup-based sauce is typical of the Oklahoma City barbecue style.

Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

Packed with flavor and a bit of heat, this sauce will have you licking your fingers.

Baby Back Ribs

We cook these meaty ribs using indirect heat, meaning not directly over the coals. That way, the meat is infused with pure wood smoke rather than with smoke from fat dripping on the coals.

Hawaiian-Style Pork Ribs

These Hawaiian-style pork ribs are a sweeter version of kalbi, a Korean preparation for marinated and grilled beef short ribs that’s sometimes cooked tableside.

Beef Ribs

After the butcher cuts a rib roast off the bone, he is left with a seven- or eight-bone slab of ribs. These beef ribs are chewier than pork ribs, but can be succulent if cooked correctly.