A Perfect Gift Every Day

It's way better to give than to receive—in large part because it's just so much fun to find the perfect present for the perfect person. Along with our other holiday gift guides this year, we're highlighting one perfect gift every day 'til Christmas. Check this space daily to find out what else we're adding!

Day 23: A Reusable Coffee Filter
Tiny perforations photo-etched into this stainless steel filter will turn a Chemex into an incredible mutant: drip coffee with the richness and depth of a french press. We'll never buy the paper kind again. Stainless steel coffee filter, $60 at specialty stores or at Able Brewing
Day 22: Veggie Tattoos
Pork-themed chef ink may be so last year, but no one said anything about wearing your vegetables going out of style—especially when it's not permanent. Show off your favorite edible plant, or wear them all at once to demonstrate your allegiance to the produce section. Vegetable temporary tattoo set, $15 at tattly.com
Day 21: A Teak Tray
We love the warmth and grain of teak wood; the diagonal grain on this serving tray (not to mention the nautical-inspired handles) show it off to great effect. Dockside Teak Serving Tray, $80 at etsy.com/shop/asummershop
Day 20: A Ceramic Pie Bird
Hollow ceramic pieces like this charming little black bird vent filled pies during baking, helping to keep them from bubbling over. It's a perfect stocking stuffer for any baker. Tala Ceramic Pie Bird, $9 at Dry GoodsLaura Sant
Day 19: A Candle for Oenophiles
Hand poured into recycled wine bottles, these soy candles are blended to mimic the aromas of various wines like pinot noir, riesling, chardonnay, and merlot. Rewined candles, $28 at Rewined
Day 18: Opinel No. 9 Oyster Knife
The ideal stocking stuffer is as elegant and useful as this pretty oyster knife from Opinel. _Oyster Knife, $32 at Dry Goods_
Day 17: An Artful Cake
This unassuming chocolate-covered cake reveals a surprise: the interior is a perfect replica of one of Piet Mondrian's most iconic paintings. Made by the pastry team at Blue Bottle Coffee, they only sell twelve a day—so be sure to order early. Mondrian cake, $75 at Blue Bottle Coffee
Day 16: Hand-Painted Metallic Table Runner
Handmade in India by Rajasthan Block Printers, these cotton table runners make a gorgeous base for holiday entertaining—the perfect gift for your favorite hostess. Hand-Painted Metallic Table Runner, $24.99 at West Elm
Day 15: Handmade Cutting Boards
Handmade cutting boards by carpenter Ryan McMurray mix a variety of light and dark wood for a surface that's hardy, but beautiful enough that you'll never want to put it away. Small cutting board, $75 at Pidge Boards
Day 14: A Wireless Speaker
Play all your favorite music while you cook: At 6" long, this little speaker is compact enough to nestle into any corner of your kitchen, but still delivers great sound via a Bluetooth connection from a phone, iPod, or other device. JAMBOX speaker, $149.95 at Jawbone
Day 13: A Golden Pie Pan
Even delicate crusts release easily from this slick nonstick pie dish; the coating (besides looking pretty) helps distribute heat for even browning. Nonstick Pie Dish, $18.95–$32 at Williams-Sonoma
Day 12: Staub Cast Iron Enamel Tea Kettle
Available in a range of vibrant colors, Staub's round cast iron teapot looks pretty on the stovetop and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Cast Iron Enamel Tea Kettle, $149.95 at Wayfair
Day 11: A Hand-Painted Coffee Mug
A beautiful hand-painted Italian mug filled with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate makes winter just a bit more bearable. Bonus: it's dishwasher safe. La Terrine 8 oz. mug, $35 at La Terrine Direct
Day 10: Lovely Little Glasses
These perfectly proportioned glasses are just four inches high and not quite three inches in diameter, perfect for tasting wine, sipping scotch, or a petite pour of juice or water. Oaxacan Drinking Glasses, $7 each at marchsf.com
Day 9: Mean Eats 2014 Calendar
Start each month of the new year with one of Richmond, Virginia cartoonist Doug Orleski's hilarious drawings of anthropomorphized food—because "too often, we fail to consider our food’s complex emotional state." Mean Eats: A 2014 Calendar, $40 at Blunt Objects
Day 8: A Big Jug of Maple Syrup
The minimalist design on this half-gallon jug is lovely; the sweet, rich New Hampshire maple syrup inside is even lovelier. Big Jug of Maple Syrup, $72 at bestmadeco.com
Day 7: Petrossian Caviar Gift Pack
This customizable gift pack from Petrossian has everything you need for an indulgent treat: packed up in an isothermic tote are a dozen mini blinis, crème fraîche, 125 grams of the caviar of your choice, and two pearlized caviar spoons. Custom Caviar Experience, from $255 at Petrossian
Day 6: A Covered Skillet
For starters, this heavy, enameled cast-iron pan from Le Creuset will last forever. But it's also useful for pretty much anything you might want to cook, bake, or serve, and it comes in an array of gorgeous colors. 3¾-Qt Covered Skillet, $150 at lecreuset.com
Day 5: A Pound of Salt
Sea salt harvested from France's Brittany coast meets fragrant dried herbs in this rustic gift that will both look great on the counter and make itself useful immediately. Butcher Salt, $24.95 at crateandbarrel.com
Day 4: Peacock Pitcher
A stainless steel pitcher with two asymmetrical spouts calls to mind a graceful abstraction of a peacock. Alfredo Peacock Pitcher, $195 at thefutureperfect.com
Day 3: Superior Serving Spoons
What do you get when you take a beautiful stainless-steel serving spoon and dip the handle in a bright, foodsafe polymer? A gorgeous utensil, that's what. Superior Serving Spoons, $30-$55 at food52.com/provisions
Day 2: Gin Advent Calendar
Every day for 24 days, a different 3cl sample of a fantastic gin—everything from high-quality major brands to some seriously hard-to-find artisanal offerings. Which one lies behind which date? You'll have to open the doors to find out. The Ginvent Calendar, $163.70 at mastersofmalt.com
Day 1: Shake Rattle & Roll Cocktail Shaker
Just add ice and booze, and do what it says right there on the side. Izola Shake Rattle & Roll Shaker, $40 at bloomingdales.com