Our most popular recipes in July spanned a wide range of global dishes—everything from Thai grilled chicken with sweet chile sauce to classic cherry clafoutis to slow-cooked beef rendang. Here are 14 of our most viewed and shared recipes from the month.

Home Fire: Pop’s Asian American Grilling Sauce

Recalling the backyard exploits of a Chinese-American grill master

Cherry Clafoutis

A decadent custard batter is studded with juicy, ripe cherries in this elegant and satisfying treat.


Salmorejo, gazpacho’s richer, deeper cousin, is a cool, creamy soup typically topped with chopped hard-boiled eggs and salty prosciutto or Iberian ham; omit the pork to make it vegetarian. Get the recipe for Salmorejo »

Hawaiian-Style Sesame Cabbage Salad

The noodles in this recipe add crunch, texture, and sweetness to this terrifically versatile Hawaiian-style slaw. As the salad sits and the noodles soak up the intensely flavorful sesame dressing, they soften slightly, so be sure to serve this salad straightaway.


Thick, tart, and creamy, this yogurt-like cheese, is perfect eaten with olive oil, pita bread, and za’atar.

Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak, also known as London broil, isn’t the most tender cut of beef, but it is one of the most flavorful. The key to getting a tender flank steak is to let the meat marinate for a good, long time—in this case, in a mixture of red wine, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, various spices, and fresh rosemary—and then carve it across the grain into thin slices before serving.

Greek Pasta Salad

Tangy feta and crunchy veggies get extra body from rotini in this classic Greek-inspired pasta salad. Get the recipe for Greek Pasta Salad »

Cubano (Cuban Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

A Cubano is a griddled white roll with Swiss cheese, boiled ham, dill pickle slices, and roasted pork.

Hollyhock Hill’s Fried Chicken

An irresistible Southern favorite, and easier than you might think. Pairs well with cold beer and hot baked beans.

Beef Rendang

Instead of searing the meat before cooking it in liquid, as is done with a Western-style braise, beef rendang reverses the process. Slowly simmering beef chuck with Indonesian spice paste, coconut milk, and lemongrass yields an amazingly tender, rich dish that’s great with both white rice or crusty bread. Get the recipe for Beef Rendang »

Hush Puppies

These crisp-fried cornmeal balls are traditionally served alongside fried fish and tartar sauce in the Deep South. Get the recipe for Hush Puppies »