Indian Naan

NaanMatt Taylor-Gross

Chef Floyd Cardoz knows a thing or two about Indian baking. His restaurant, Paowalla in New York, is dedicated to Indian breads, and he turns out fluffy leavened rolls and yeasty flatbreads using a set of two massive tandoors and a wood-fired oven.

His naan recipe, adapted here for home kitchens, is fluffy and tender. You can eat it alongside elaborate Indian meals or drizzled with ghee and honey. Or repurpose the dough for any number of filled naan kulcha recipes. Cardoz advises you keep an eye on the dough while mixing, since the consistency and amount of water required varies with temperature and humidity.

Cardoz bakes all of his flatbreads in a massive tandoor, but he suggests home cooks use a pizza stone in a very hot oven to mimic the effect. For best results, pre-heat the pizza stone for a full hour before baking to get it—and keep it—hot during baking as you open and close the oven.