Our Favorite Polish Recipes of All Time

Try your hand at homemade pierogi and more with these comforting crowd-pleasers.

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on April 26, 2024

When it comes to rib-sticking comfort food, Poland—with its smoky stews, cheese-filled pastries, and potato everything—never disappoints. But while dishes like pierogi and bigos are the first that spring to mind for many Polish food lovers, the country also boasts an abundance of fresh, produce-forward recipes that are just as worthwhile. In fact, as a buzzy new Polish cookbook goes to show, Poland is in the midst of a culinary renaissance embracing lighter and brighter flavors (while also preserving the beloved meat-and-potatoes standbys of yore). Cook through our favorite Polish recipes, and you’ll fully appreciate the breadth and potential of this coveted Eastern European cuisine.

Michał Korkosz

What to do with those extra berries languishing in the fridge? Blitz them into bright, zippy Polish chłodnik, a refreshing purée enlivened with garlic and dill. Get the recipe >

Michał Korkosz

Roasted celery root brings an umami undertow to the traditional mashed potato and cheese filling in these traditional Polish dumplings. Get the recipe >

Photo: Linda Xiao • Food Styling: Jessie Yuchen

These old-school Polish pancakes are lighter, fluffier, and cheesier than the American diner variety. They’re baked, rather than cooked in a pan, which means less cleanup and fuss. Get the recipe >

Photo: Belle Morizio • Food Styling: Christine Albano • Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Eastern Europe’s beloved beet-based soup (spelled “barszcz” in Polish) is a vibrant and satisfying supper, and this meat-free version is so deeply flavored that you won’t miss the beef one bit. Get the recipe >

Photo: Linda Xiao • Food Styling: Pearl Jones • Prop Styling: Dayna Seman

Ground fish dishes strikingly similar to Jewish gefilte fish continue to grace the Polish table today, and many trace the tradition back to Eastern European Jewish cuisine. Get the recipe >

Todd Coleman

Also known as angel wings, these festive sugar-dusted fritters are pillowy and crunchy at the same time. They're often served at Polish weddings and holidays. Get the recipe >

Todd Coleman

Brimming with hunks of meat and smoked sausage, this hearty traditional stew gets a tart kick from sauerkraut. Get the recipe >

Todd Coleman

Beef, pork, and smoky ham hocks make this classic version of the beet stew wonderfully decadent. Get the recipe >

Todd Coleman

Creamy and studded with juicy kiełbasa slices, this pale, beetless borscht is all about the potatoes, sour cream, and horseradish. Get the recipe >

Todd Coleman

A Gramercy Tavern chef taught us how to make these snappy, smoky beef sausages from scratch, and we haven’t looked back since. Get the recipe >

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