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Saveur’s Favorite Ceramics


By SAVEUR Editors

Published on March 18, 2019


Throwing back beer doesn't seem quite as barbaric in these pearly ceramic beer cups by Ariela Nomi Ku. The whimsical artist (who also makes ceramic pour-over cones and drip pots for coffee making) has been hand-throwing functional kitchen pieces since 2009 in Lincolnville, Maine.

Lincolnshire, England-based ceramicist Sue Pryke bucks the "no two pieces alike" model in favor of repetitive—but perfected—shapes. She slipcasts these adorable earthenware micro strainers and leaves them with earthy matte finishes, perfect for a chill tea time.

At his workspace in Toronto, Cantonese potter Patrick Yeung uses the leftover wood ash remnants from a local pizza oven to make the textured exterior of these stately stoneware vases.

California artist Linda Fahey's swirled and speckled pieces are largely inspired by her life on the west coast. She sells her pieces at her San Francisco shop, Yonder, which features an open ceramics studio, too.

The planters from Brooklyn artist Isaac Nichols are ubiquitous across hip New York City apartments. They have an accessible blend of silliness and style, and he makes girl and boy planters like this one in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as a series of clown-like faces.

Aviva Rowley is part florist, part ceramicist, and creates handbuilt "wet vessels" all glazed in a luscious, matte black. Some are oriented toward different types of flower arrangements, determined by the shape and size of the vessel's opening, but they are always delightfully tactile and captivating in their simplicity.

Philadelphia-based ceramicist Brian Giniewski has mastered the art of the gelatinous glaze drip, and all of his pieces feature it prominently. Carefully applying the right thickness of glaze to his simple forms so that it drips just right, each piece explores a new colorway, with the creamy, frosting-like glaze contrasting with the raw, speckled clay beneath.

Florian Gadsby, Ceramic Ink Pens, Coming Soon

While he's currently undergoing a grand site update, Florian Gadsby's pieces are understated in shape and form, but completely masterful. Nothing proves this more than his series of ceramic ink pens, which require tremendous precision and are each hand-thrown on the wheel. His innovation in shape and form are awe-inspiring, even if it'll still be a little while before his shop is set up again. But stay tuned!

Imperfecto Iotti, photos on Instagram

Buenos Aires–based artist Carolina Iotti embraces imperfection, though you'd be hard pressed to find anything imperfect about her ceramics. All made with an ultra-simple palate of creamy white and rich bluish-black, her plates, vases, and bowls are all hand-painted with mesmerizing geometric patterns that still manage to feel organic and free. Her attention to detail is admirable, though you'd never guess some are painted with only her fingers.


Cups and Bowls from Pottery Park Store


Oaxacan Pottery from Colectivo 1050


Teapots and Cups from Daqian


Bowls from Il Buco Vita


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