When it comes to preparing the best meals, having the right tools becomes an important part of the process. Spatulas come in a variety of forms, including different materials and sizes, making them better equipped for different types of tasks. If you are in the market for a new spatula, here are our favorite options to complete your kitchen set up and cook the foods you have been dreaming about.

Prepare your favorite dishes easily with this firm and controllable spatula. Chef Craft

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This versatile spatula also makes it simple to prepare your favorite meals. Equipped with a 13-inch length handle, you will find it easy to turn and flip the foods you cook without getting your hand too close to the flame. When it comes to moving items on the pan, the spatula itself has been designed with a thin edge at a slight angle that quickly slides under the food to scoop it up and direct it where you need it to go. The welded, stainless steel design also makes it straightforward to control the utensil throughout the cooking process. You can then clean up following the food preparation by tossing the spatula into the dishwasher.

This heat-resistant spatula makes cooking anything, from eggs to hash browns, easy and enjoyable. Norpro Nylon

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This heat-resistant spatula makes cooking anything, from eggs to hash browns, easy and enjoyable

This spatula has been designed to make everyday cooking a breeze. We found that its firm yet gentle design made it safe to use on a variety of coated cookware, including nonstick pans, while also easily transferring anything we wanted to cook. When we finished preparing meals, the soft design even could help to scrape the bottom of the pans without damaging them. The non-slip handle also includes a thumb grip, which makes it even easier to manage and control. The spatula is simple to clean, thanks to being dishwasher safe. Because it is heat resistant up to 410°F/210°C, any cook can feel confident using this utensil in their cooking.

It has never been easier to lift and flip food for the perfect finish across a variety of types of cookware. Sabatier

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Whether you are cooking in a cast iron pan, on a grill, or otherwise frying up something delicious, you want a spatula you can count on to help you flip effortlessly and keep delicate foods intact without breaking. This spatula has been designed specifically with these moments in mind. The head is designed to be narrow, enhancing your ability to scoop up food in a variety of sizes. We also appreciated how the handle was designed with durable materials, reinforced with stainless steel, to ensure that it can withstand the weight of anything we wanted to cook. When the time came to clean up after cooking, all we had to do was throw the spatula in the dishwasher.

Prepare flavorful sauces, pasta, and countless other dishes with this wood spatula. Eddington

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We adore this wooden spatula for its sleek design and the ease with which we can use it to prepare our favorite pasta and sauces. If you select the pierced version of the spatula, the utensil makes it easy to drain and taste dishes as you prepare them, ensuring you hit your recipe perfectly. All of the versions also boast a soft yet strong design that makes them safe to use on a variety of cookware types, even those coated with nonstick materials. To keep this spatula clean and beautiful, the only requirement is to wipe it down by hand after each use and occasionally coat it in olive oil to keep the wood looking its best.

These were designed with the needs of those who like to mix batter, spread icing, and scrape bowls. U-Taste

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This BPA-free spatula set should be on the wish list of any baker. They also work great in the standard frying pan, with the soft silicone making it easy to stir and scrape ingredients without damaging pots and pans. Because the spatulas can safely withstand heat up to 600°F, they can also be washed in the dishwasher when you are done. We found that the silicone itself was designed to be quite durable for frequent use and the BPA-free element makes it a great choice for those looking to reduce exposure to added chemicals.