The Best Pie Weights

These babies will keep your crusts from shrinking, puffing, and slouching.

Beautiful apple pie
Keep your crusts from shrinking, puffing, and slouching.Unsplash/Dilyara Garifullina

Bake with confidence and say goodbye to a soggy crust. Not all pie weights are created equal. These three are, well, worth their weight in dough.

R&M International Ceramic Pie Weights, 1 lb. with Mesh Storage Bag
Achieve golden-crust bliss with this old-school pick.R&M International

When it comes to pie weights, there’s power in numbers. And this 1-lb. bag contains enough to properly fill up most pie pans. The ceramic beads distribute heat evenly, resulting in a more even and attractive crust, and the mesh bag makes storage a cinch.

Jaz Innovations Perfect Pie Crust Stainless Steel Weight Chain
The ultimate no-muss, no-fuss option.Jaz Innovations

This 10-foot-long chain eliminates the need to corral and store a bunch of individual weights. And because it’s made entirely of stainless steel, the all-in-one tool can go right in the dishwasher after its work is down.

Chicago Metallic Pie Weight
Easy to use, for smaller dishes.Chicago Metallic

Also dishwasher-safe and easy-to-store, Chicago Metallic’s stainless-steel and silicone disc boasts a perforated base to encourage airflow. The only drawback: It’s less adaptable than the others. With a diameter of 8.5 inches, this one works only in 9- and 11-inch pie pans.