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Kitchen Towels Every Home Needs

Say goodbye to paper towels and discover the countless household uses for washable kitchen towels.

By SAVEUR Commerce Team

Updated on May 14, 2021

Start living a more sustainable lifestyle with these reusable kitchen towels. Become less reliant on disposable paper towels and you’ll save money in the process.

If you’re new to using kitchen towels, this starter pack of 15 will set you on the right path. These natural cotton dish towels are durable and in it for the long haul. Seen in restaurants and professional kitchens, their lightweight construction and herringbone weave make them ideal for soaking up any liquid or overturned food accident.

These basic white kitchen towels are a must-have in any home. They’re sturdy enough to polish your silverware, yet gentle enough to use as a cheese strainer or cradle a fresh ball of homemade dough as it slowly rises. Coming in at 28 x 28 inches, these towels have limitless uses from the kitchen to the garage.

Thicker than the average dish towel, these are specially constructed of popcorn terry to boost their absorbency and scrubbing capability, so they really shine in the cleaning and washing territory. Terry is known to hold up to the toughest wear and tear, so expect a pack of eight to last quite awhile.

Now here’s a different take on the kitchen towel: These eco-friendly fabrics are made with biodegradable cellulose and cotton, so it’s sort of a unique hybrid of sponge and dish towel. With a super soft feel, we appreciate that these towels are both dishwasher and washing machine safe. Though unique in their construction, they perform all the typical tasks of an entirely cotton dish towel and then some.

The Blue Q brand is known for hilarious messaging on their dishtowels. Though this is a towel you’ll want to display over your oven handle, make no mistake that it’s still very much something you’ll come to rely on for more than a laugh. Made of 100 percent unbleached cotton and machine washable, these funny towels make for a practical and sweet hostess gift too!

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