Tim Robison
watermelon rind pickles
Watermelon Rind Pickles Tim Robison

Have you ever gotten to the rind of a juicy slice of watermelon and thought, man, I wish I could eat that too? Don’t throw it away! Deep Run chef Vivian Howard has the perfect way to preserve the part of the watermelon that you might have otherwise tossed in the garbage.

Pickling those watermelon rinds will not only ensure that you use up every last bit of this summer staple, but they’ll also give you another way to love on watermelon for months after the last ray of summer sunshine disappears. Brine the rinds overnight in a mixture of salt and water. The next day, combine water, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, and spices, and boil them to make your vinegar brine. Drain and rinse the watermelon rinds, then add them along with the orange zest and lemon slices to the vinegar brine. Simmer them for 40 minutes, but make sure the brine doesn’t cook down to syrup.

Pair your summery pickles with pork chops as a refreshing addition to a hearty meal, or munch on them on their own like you would regular pickles. Either way, they’ll be a delicious reminder of warmer times.

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