Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are a bar food favorite

Of all American bar foods, few can match crispy, spicy, saucy chicken wings. A meaty and messy snack, chicken wings are perfect for a raucous day watching sports. They are something of a blank slate, taking to all sorts of sauces with ease. From classic Buffalo wings to aromatic Indonesian-style and smoky grilled versions, we’ve rounded up our favorite chicken wing recipes.

It would be wrong of us to not begin a discussion of chicken wings by addressing Buffalo wings. Invented at Buffalo, New York’s Anchor Bar in 1964, they are perhaps the platonic ideal of the chicken wing. First they’re fried without a coating, letting the chicken skin itself crisp up. Then you toss them in a simple mix of margarine and Frank’s Red Hot. Serve with blue cheese dressing and celery and you’re set.

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After the Anchor Bar original, some of our favorite chicken wings are made with assertive Asian flavors. For a Thai twist, go with a sauce of ketchup, soy sauce, and Sriracha. Our Indonesian-style wings are marinated in tamarind and poached in coconut water before frying. Fried chicken is big in Korea—Korean chicken wings get extra crisp thanks to a double frying.

Find all of these wings and more in our collection of chicken wing recipes.

Nashville Hot Chicken

The secret to Nashville’s famous hot chicken is in the layering: The bird is marinated in a spicy buttermilk brine, then dredged with more flour and spice, double-fried, and finally slathered with a fiery butter paste to create a crunchy, peppery coating. One bite into its burnished orange crust reveals first a tangy crunch, and then a deeper, complex spice that leaves a lingering fire behind. Adjust the heat by adding as much—or as little—cayenne as you like.

Calabrian Chicken Wings

Spicy ‘nduja, a fresh pork sausage made with Calabrian chile peppers, heats up the brick red marinade—teeming with tart lime juice, ginger, and garlic—for these char-grilled chicken wings. Get the recipe for Calabrian Chicken Wings »

Japanese-Style Chicken Wings

Sansho, the Japanese equivalent of Sichuan pepper, adds kick to these sake-and-mirin-marinated wings. A fresh squeeze of lemon brightens them up for serving. Get the recipe for Japanese-Style Chicken Wings »

Buffalo Wings

These are the Buffalo-resident’s Buffalo wings: true to the original 1964 recipe, wings are fried in peanut oil and then tossed in a mixture of melted margarine and fiery hot sauce. Serve them up with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks to complete the classic dish.
These fried chicken wings are bathed in a sweet red chile and miso sauce.

Smokestack’s Chicken Wings

These crisp-charred chicken wings are bathed in a spiced butter sauce.

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Nam Daeng)

These sweet-spicy wings, bathed in a ketchup-soy hot sauce, are a specialty of the cart Nong’s. Get the recipe for Spicy Thai Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Nam Daeng) »

Korean Fried Chicken

Double-frying chicken wings gives them a delicate, crackly crust that is the hallmark of this popular Korean specialty, made famous in this country at the Los Angeles restaurant Kyochon.

Coriander and Lime Chicken Wings

Coriander and Lime Chicken Wings

Chipotle Wings

Found in most supermarkets and Mexican grocers, canned chipotles in adobo make a smoky, fiery sauce for chicken wings.

Indonesian-Style Chicken Wings

Marinated in tamarind and aromatic spices, these chicken wings are cooked in coconut water before frying. Get the recipe for Indonesian-Style Chicken Wings »

Harissa Hot Wings

Harissa, a North African paste of chiles and garlic, gives these wings their fiery kick.