In the satirical Portlandia! “We Can Pickle That” sketch, fictional characters Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman mock hipster food culture by pickling bandaids, jewel cases, and dead birds while referencing the beloved 1960s children’s book A Pickle for a Nickel. Pickles may cost more than a nickel now, but they remain essential on our hamburgers and bánh mì.

Late summer is prime pickling season. As fruits and vegetables arrive at farm stands and markets, fill your grocery bag with sweet watermelon with thick rinds, crunchy okra pods, bright-hued radishes, tiny chiles, unripe mangoes, and green tomatoes, and you’ll be on your way to zesty South Asian achaars and Brazilian conservas. To ward against botulism and spoilage, be sure to use sterilized wide-mouth canning jars (which are great for easy scooping) and to submerge the pickles in a hot-water bath if that step is required.

These are our favorite pickle recipes from the archives—the ones we come back to again and again. If you’ve inherited your grandmother’s silver pickle forks (or snapped up at a yard sale), it’s time to bust them out.

Radishes in Kelp Brine

Vegetables Pickled in Kelp Vinegar
Photography by Andre Baranowski

Cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo uses a seaweed dashi as a base for this versatile, briny pickle. When radish season ends, move on to sturdy cauliflower or onions. Get the recipe >

Cheetie Kumar’s Green Tomato and Watermelon Rind Achaar

Green Tomato and Watermelon Rind Achaar
Photography by Thomas Payne

Chef Cheetie Kumar boosts the flavor quotient of classic Southern pickled watermelon rinds with spices from her childhood home in Chandigarh, India in this achaar that she serves at Garland in Raleigh, North Carolina. Get the recipe >

Pickled Radish with Scallions

Pickled Radishes and Green Onion
Photography by Maxime Iattoni

This quick pickle only takes one hour to prep, making it a perfect last-minute condiment to accompany noodle dishes both cold and hot. Get the recipe >

Conserva de Pimenta (Brazilian Pickled Chiles)

Brazilian Pickled Chiles (Conserva de Pimenta)
Photography by James Oseland

Chef Mara Salles serves dozens of homey Brazilian conservas like this punchy chile pickle at her restaurant Tordesilhas in São Paulo. Get the recipe >

Nimbu Ka Achaar (Lemon Pickle)

Spicy Lemon Pickle
Photography by Ingalls Photography

Fresh citrus cured with turmeric, cumin, and mustard seed is a tart, briny pairing for steamed white rice or naan, but we also like it with grilled chicken and juicy pork chops. Get the recipe >

Okra Pickles

Spicy Okra Pickles
Photogrpahy by Helen Rosner

PIckled okra is the perfect foil for pulled pork barbecue or fresh shucked oysters. And we also love them dunking them in a brunch-starting Bloody Mary. Get the recipe >

Đồ chua (Vietnamese Daikon and Carrot Pickles)

Pickled carrots and daikon
Photography by Zachary Zavislak

If you can’t find daikon at the market, substitute purple turnips in this versatile đồ chua (Vietnamese for sour stuff) recipe from cookbook author Andrea Nguyen. Get the recipe >

Aamba Khatta Achaar (Sweet and Sour Mango Pickles)

Sweet and Sour Mango Pickle
Photography by James Roper

Green mangoes simmered with fragrant cardamom and cloves create a tangy condiment we love to pair with everything from Hyderabadi dal to Jamaican jerk. Get the recipe >