Grass-fed Lamb from Idaho

By Marne Setton

Published on December 19, 2011

The lamb I roasted for the first time last night is causing me to rethink my Christmas dinner menu. I'm going to forego my traditional standing rib roast in favor of a leg of lamb from Lava Lake Lamb. This ranch near gorgeous Sun Valley, Idaho opts not to fatten up their lamb with grain, but instead allows their ruminants to graze over 800,000 acres of lava flows, sage brush-covered foothills, high desert, and grass plains. The result is 100% grass-fed, lean, vaguely herbaceous, and tender meat; hands-down the best lamb I've ever tasted. So now I'm left with only one more decision for that holiday meal: do I serve my roasted leg of lamb with bright mint jelly or Major Grey's chutney?

Six pound, bone-in leg of lamb, $62.95 at lavalakelamb.com

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