Chavela (Mexican Beer with Tomato Juice)

  • Serves

    makes 1 Cocktail


A classic version of a Mexican cerveza preparada (prepared beer), the chavela couldn’t be simpler: tomato juice, hot sauce, beer, lemon, and ice, with a salted rim. Drink it on its own, or pair it with a shot of tequila for a real kick.


  • Lemon wedge
  • Kosher salt, for rimming the glass
  • 3 oz. tomato juice
  • 6 dashes hot sauce, like Tabasco or Cholula
  • 12 oz. bottle light-bodied Mexican beer, like Corona
  • 1 12 oz. tequila (optional)


Step 1

Rub the lemon wedge around the rim of a glass; reserve the lemon wedge. Pour some sea salt out onto a plate, and rub the rim of the glass in the salt to coat. Fill the glass with ice, add tomato juice, hot sauce, and beer to fill. Drop in the lemon wedge. Serve with a shot of tequila, if you like.

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