Jasmine Spritzer

Citrusy, tangy jasmine liqueur and spicy bitters add complex flavor dimensions to this floral spritzer. If you want to bump up the buzz, you can drop in an ounce and a half of silver rum, but we like it just as it is: refreshing, light, and just the right counterpoint to a hulking plate of barbecued ribs.

Jasmine Spritzer Jasmine Spritzer
Recipe for a refreshing summer spritzer with jasmine liqueur.
Yield: makes 1 Cocktail


  • 2 12 oz. Fruitlab Jasmine Organic Liqueur
  • 8 oz. seltzer
  • 10 drops Bar Keep Baked Apple Bitters
  • 1 lemon wedge


  1. Fill a 16-ounce mason jar halfway with ice. Add the first three ingredients, and stir to mix. Rub the rim of the jar with the lemon wedge, squeeze the juice of the wedge into the jar, and drop the wedge into the drink.