Jeremy Lee prefers his jelly thick and syruplike.

Yield: makes 2 Half Pints


  • 6 pints hulled, ripe fresh strawberries
  • Sugar


  1. Fill a deep, wide ceramic bowl with strawberries. Set bowl over a pot of simmering water over low heat. Cook berries undisturbed (resist temptation to stir) until they have collapsed into their juices, 6-8 hours. Carefully pour berries and juice into a clean jelly bag suspended over a large bowl and allow to drip undisturbed for 8 hours. (Don’t squeeze bag, or jelly will be cloudy.)
  2. Measure juice into a pot and add an equal amount of sugar. Boil over high heat until 220° on a candy thermometer, about 10 minutes. Pour into 2 clean half-pint jars, seal, and keep refrigerated.