La Tarte (Vanilla-Rum Custard)

by0| PUBLISHED Feb 28, 2013 4:00 PM
La Tarte (Vanilla-Rum Custard)
The creaminess of this classic vanilla custard gains an edge with the addition of light rum. Penny De Los Santos

Bake this custard in one big pan or individual ramekins for a rich after-dinner treat. For optimal temperature and texture, take it out of the refrigerator about 10 minutes before serving.

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Yield: serves 8-10


  • <sup>3</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> cup sugar
  • <sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>2</sub> tsp. kosher salt
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped and reserved
  • 4 cups heavy cream
  • 5 tbsp. light rum


  • Heat oven to 300°. In a bowl, whisk together sugar, salt, eggs, and vanilla. Whisk in cream and rum. Transfer mixture to a 3-qt. baking dish; set inside a roasting pan. Put pan on oven rack; pour boiling water into pan to come halfway up sides of dish. Bake until slightly loose in center, 40–50 minutes. Remove dish from pan; chill until set.