Jin Ju Nin Meng (Limequat Drink with Honey and Sour Plums)

  • Serves

    serves 10


On a sweltering day in central Taiwan, SAVEUR's Ben Mims tasted the most refreshing drink he'd ever had: a cooling cousin of limeade, made by crushing the fruit limequat—a bittersweet hybrid of Key lime and kumquat—into water with dried sour plums and then mixing in honey and ice. If you can't find limequats, substitute a mixture of regular limes and kumquats for this tangy drink. This recipe first appeared in the 2012 SAVEUR 100.


  • 10 oz. limequats (available from Melissa's) or 6 oz. limes (about 2) and 4 oz. kumquats
  • 20 dried sour plums (available at your local Chinese grocer)
  • 1 14 cups honey, plus more to taste


Step 1

Halve each limequat (or halve kumquats and cut limes into 8 wedges) and squeeze juices from fruits into a 1-gallon container; add the crushed fruits and plums. Fill pitcher with 10 cups water; let sit at room temperature for at least 8 hours to allow fruits to infuse water.

Step 2

For each drink, place 2 tbsp. honey in a cocktail shaker and fill with 1 cup limequat water; shake. Pour into a glass filled halfway with ice and serve with a couple of pieces of the fruit in the glass.

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