How to Make Turkey Hash

It's the perennial day-after-Thanksgiving question: What should we do with all that leftover turkey? SAVEUR executive food editor Todd Coleman has perhaps the simplest, most delicious answer: he makes a turkey hash, loaded with onions, poblano peppers, potatoes, and bacon (almost all of which can be leftovers themselves), all topped off with a fresh sunny-side-up egg. It's the perfect post-Thanksgiving breakfast—or any other day of the year.

Todd's Turkey Hash
Todd's Turkey Hash

This hearty breakfast dish is perfect for the morning after Thanksgiving. It uses up leftover cooked turkey as well as Thanksgiving pantry ingredients you may not have used up the day before, like cream, stock (feel free to use turkey stock in place of chicken), and herbs. Get the recipe for Todd’s Turkey Hash »


• Leftover turkey, broken into pieces
• Onions, chopped
• Bacon, chopped
• Poblano peppers, chopped
• Cooked potatoes, chopped
• Garlic, crushed
• Thyme, chopped
• Butter
• Hot Sauce
• Worcestershire sauce
• Sherry
• Chicken stock
• Cream
• A Skillet


1. In a hot skillet (cast iron with a heavy bottom is great), throw in the bacon and butter. Freestyle with the chopped onions, thyme, peppers and garlic, sprinkling with salt and sweating them for a few minutes. Add the potatoes, making sure to spread them around. Mix the turkey in well and start pressing down the hash with a flat spoon or spatula. Add a little chicken broth and cream, followed by a few dashes each of Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and Todd's secret weapon, sherry.

2. At this point, the hash will have formed into a loose cake. Flip the hash onto a plate and scrape off the brown bits from the skillet. Melt some more butter in the skillet and slide the hash back in and cook until browned on the bottom. Top it off with a fried egg and serve in the skillet.


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