A Stirring Revelation

Despite James Bond’s preference, the best martinis are not shaken.

By Betsy Andrews

Published on March 9, 2010

Despite James Bond's preference, the best martinis are not shaken (see ** Revolutionary Spirit). Shaking produces a frothy cocktail flecked with ice shards; it's the right technique for cream- or juice-based drinks like the Tante Marie Fizz (see ** Tante Marie Fizz). But you don't want bubbles and bits of ice compromising the clear, languid character of an all-spirits cocktail like the original dry martini (see ** Original Dry Martini**). These you stir, with a long-handled bar spoon, for at least 20 seconds. Either stir in circles or roll the spoon's swizzled handle between your thumb and first two fingers while moving the spoon up and down in the glass.

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