Drink This Now: Pernod Absinthe x Maison Kitsuné

By Helen Rosner

Published on September 13, 2012

For all the myths and mysteries surrounding absinthe, for me a large part of its allure has always been simply visual: the watery shift from clear to cloudy; the stack of the glass, the filigreed spoon, and the sugar cube; the bright blue flame of the spirit on fire. And the bottle, particularly Pernod's vibrantly green glass with its ornate silver and red label, instantly transportive to a moment both quintessentially Parisian and centuries past.

The thoughtfully minimalist clothing label Maison Kitsune, on the other hand, is quintessentially Parisian and entirely in the present, inspired equally by left-bank sensibility and a Japanese playfulness — evident in the brand's name: "kitsune" is Japanese for fox. It might not have been obvious to pair the two together, but their new collaboration works. At Kitsune stores, you'll find hats, shirts, pants and shoes decorated with a painterly motif of foxes sleeping and playing in a field of absinthe-flavoring anise and fennel flowers, which also adorns a limited-edition bottle of Pernod, one that's opaque blue instead of the classic transparant green. The outside may be new, but the liquid inside, thankfully, remains exactly the same: Pernod's well-balanced, creamy and dusty, citrus-perfumed spirit, whose licorice notes bloom most beautifully with a splash of Champagne for a Death in the Afternoon, perfect for toasting summer's departure and the inevitable chill of fall.

Maison Kitsune x Pernod Absinthe, €50 at Colette.fr

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