Brunch, Perfected

Step 2

Cut dough lengthwise into six 1½”-wide strips. Twist, one at a time, by holding ends and twisting dough in opposite directions.

The Menu

The Game Plan

  1. Scale up the Parasol cocktail for a crowd! Multiply the first four ingredients by the amount of people you have, shake them all together, pour into glasses, and then top each individually with prosecco.
  2. See our step-by-step guide to making perfectly creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs.
  3. When making the blueberry quinoa pancakes, prepare the lemon crema before anything else, and then hold it in the fridge, sealed, until you are ready to garnish and serve the pancakes.
  4. See our guide to making the coiled pastry for country ham and red-eye gravy danishes.

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