Honey-Nut Tart with Chocolate Rye Crust, Late Winter Feast
The gooey filling in this tart is held together by a rye flour crust that gets its structure, and depth, from chocolate. Get the recipe for Honey-Nut Tart with Chocolate Rye Crust ». Bill Phelps

Winter’s dark chill can be the perfect ingredient for a cozy, intimate dinner party. Take the opportunity to celebrate the season with one of these three warming menus. Whether it’s an elegant dinner party centered around a port-glazed rib roast, a hearty feast of spice-crusted venison, or a quiet, comforting meal of roast game hens, we have a menu for every appetite and mood.


An Elegant Winter Dinner Party

There’s no better way to begin a winter dinner party than with a classic Manhattan. Serve yours alongside flavorful, two-bite onion and anchovy tarts, and then move onto a beautifully marbled standing rib roast. And don’t skip the nutty, syrupy, rye-crusted tart. See the menu »

A Celebratory Winter Feast

Capitalize on the glories that winter has to offer: bright citrus, hardy vegetables, and the perfect weather for drinking plenty of punch. This menu centers around a juniper-crusted venison roast—accompanied by a sweet-spicy mostarda—with a well-balanced cast of sides. See the menu »

A Cozy Winter Dinner

A quiet, mid-winter night can indeed be very welcoming when you have petit Cornish game hens awaiting you, their skins a perfect golden brown, glazed with a sauce of kumquats, honey, and paprika. See the menu »