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One Good Find: Santander 70% Dark Chocolate with Espresso

A Colombian dream team brought together

By Dominique Lemoine

Published on September 26, 2013

I love coffee and I love chocolate, and being Colombian, I have a special affinity for my homeland's terroir. Chocolate Santander brings it all together in their espresso-spiked, 70%-cocoa dark chocolate bar. Made from single-origin cocoa beans sourced from Colombia's Santander region and 100% Colombian espresso coffee, this chocolate reveals itself differently with each bite. As it dissolves, nutty, floral notes give way to a slight bitterness which balances the coffee's bold, fruity, vanilla-like flavors. The complexity of the chocolate has everything to do with the marriage of coffee, Colombia's most famous export, and hand harvested and processed fair-trade cocoa beans. When I'm craving something sweet but not cloying, and a little bit reminiscent of home, Santander's dark chocolate espresso bar is perfecto.

Santander 70% Dark with Espresso Coffee Bar, $3.25 at

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